Cervantes y Vargas Llosa. Dos arquitecturas literarias

Ángel Pérez Martínez
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.998901

Publicado:  2017-09-30.


From the development of Literature Theory wich based on the analogy with Architecture the author analyze the relationships between Cervantes and Vargas Llosa works. Research on Cervantes reception in Latin America it is a work to keep doing. In Peru Vargas Llosa has received Cervantes works in a peculiar way. This paper tries to clarify what are the structural relations between these two literary architecture

Palabras clave

Arquitectura literaria, cervantismo en América, cervantismo en el Perú, cervantismo. Mario Vargas Llosa, Cervantes, literatura comparada

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